Wagner Future Fund

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Longborough has received tremendous international artistic acclaim for its Wagner productions. Our aspiration is to be recognised by aficionados as the ultimate place to appreciate Wagner’s repertoire in an intimate setting.

The Wagner Future Fund is a vehicle of philanthropic investment that provides ongoing continuity towards our longer term aspirations, particularly in the planning of the next Longborough Ring Cycle.

These high-level supporters have an ongoing relationship with us, helping us to build both our financial security and artistic integrity. Suggested donations to the Future Fund begin at £5,000. Subscribers will have a range of privileges including opportunities for special access to the work of each production as it unfolds.

For Gift Aid purposes, please note that the taxable value of benefits for Wagner Future Fund members is £150. The balance will be treated as a voluntary donation eligible for Gift Aid. If you are a higher rate taxpayer you can claim further tax relief through your tax return.

Join the future fund

For further information on joining the Wagner Future Fund please contact Gill Powell on gill@lfo.org.uk or on 01451 830292.