Alcina 2016 Web Header
George Frideric Handel


The Carmen of the Baroque world, Alcina casts a spell on every man she meets – literally, for when she tires of them she transforms them into the rocks, trees and sand of her magic island. Unlike Carmen however, Alcina meets her match in Ruggiero, an arrival she cannot resist.

Full of music as enchanting and haunting as its magnetic central character, Handel’s Alcina has all the twists and turns of romantic engagement and confusion that we relish in his operas, dominated by an extraordinary portrait of a powerful woman conquered by love.

After the success of Rinaldo (2014) and Xerxes (2015), Jeremy Silver and Jenny Miller team up again to unite a superb baroque band to a group of young and dazzling singers, who work on-stage together to bring this special repertoire fully into view and focus. The audience can enjoy seeing as well as hearing the close interaction between instruments and vocalists, who together are Alcina’s island.