The Return of Ulysses - a short animated film

July 2020 would have been the start of our new production of Monteverdi's Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria (The Return of Ulysses) - also marking Polly Graham's Longborough directorial debut. 

Instead, we're excited to bring you something inspired by this compassionate drama of homecoming. Our fantastic cast have been working on a recording of the choral prayers to the gods, from Act 3 of the opera. This has been set to a new short film by illustrator and animator Amber Cooper-Davies, who was previously shortlisted for the AOI World Illustration Awards. 

Tom Randle, Alexander Sprague, Ben Johnson, Llio Evans, Siân Cameron, Matthew Buswell, Oliver Brignall, Francesca Chiejina, Rosie Lomas, Sophie Goldrick, Andrew Irwin, Daniel Auchincloss

Music Director / Harpsichord:
Robert Howarth

Sound Editing:
Chris Bartholomew

Amber Cooper-Davies

Language Coach:
Matteo Dalle Fratte

Polly Graham

With many thanks to all of our members and those who donated to our 2020 Fund.