Meet Polly Graham, our new Artistic Director

Polly Announcement

We're very pleased to announce that acclaimed opera director Polly Graham is to become our new Artistic Director.

The 33-year-old daughter of Martin and Lizzie Graham says: “As a family we are so proud of Longborough and have long talked about its future. But it is only recently that I have felt ready to take on the challenge of leading it forward.”

Looking to the future, Martin and Lizzie will continue to be deeply involved in the festival, and it is with their blessing that Polly will steer it in a new direction. Lizzie Graham says: “We are delighted that Polly will be continuing the Longborough legacy. It seems the perfect way to build on what has been achieved here.”

​"I want Longborough Festival Opera to welcome more outsiders, like my dad": Polly Graham interviewed by The Times

Richard Morrison of The Times talked to Polly about her plans for Longborough's future, and her intentions to build on the spirit of the festival.

"I want this place to welcome more outsiders, more newcomers, and be as inclusive as possible with this art form called opera. Because if that doesn’t happen, the art form will die.”

“From the moment I saw my first opera it was clear that I would work in the performing arts in some way,” she says. “I was hooked. It was like a drug. This is really silly, but I remember telling myself as a little girl that it didn’t matter when Christmas was over because in six months there would be an opera festival, which was actually better than Christmas.”

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